What is JMB?

Jewish Music Box is a new & cool online video property developed by Kosher Media.
JMB features 100s of Jewish & Israeli music videos ranging the full scope of Jewish music experience - the JMB will be your one-stop, online Jewish music video source.

Our Mission

Jewish Music Box is engineered to be the #1 website in Jewish music video content.
Number One in video content - Number One in technology - and Number One in video advertising.

Leading-Edge Technology

The development of JMB includes a leading-edge framework - that will provide YouTube-level functionality and features - with total Jewish music video content focus.

Deep Video Content

JMB will post 1000s of music videos within the first year - spanning the full breadth of Jewish/Israeli musical experience. Our content will highlight HD videos from our massive Jewish music archive.

100% Mobile-Compatible

The Jewish Music Box was developed with a 100% mobile-responsive template - JMB will go with you on your smartphone or tablet - you can register, upload videos, comment, share & much more on the go!
JMB Brand Features

JMB is the best of both worlds - leading technology with focused Jewish content.
HD content in over 20 band channels - blazing-fast streaming, mobile-compatible, with pre-roll ad capabilities.

100% HD Video

JMB hosts & streams all online video content - and executes video conversions on-server including HD and mobile versions.

Mobile Conversions

JMB is way more than mobile-compatible - every video upload is custom-rendered into HD mobile format for smartphones & tablets.

Video Advertising Tech

JMB is a technology leader in online advertising - offering video advertising to clients looking to broadcast to our niche audience.
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