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DEC 2013

BRAINTANK POST - Be Responsive or Go Bust!

By: Mobile Brain | Tags: BrainTank, Responsive Web Design

We accept as an axiom that all great businesses must "respond" to market condition to prosper over time - and in fact survival in the digital era demands rapid response to technology changes - such as social media and now the mobile revolution. And a revolution it is - in just a few short years - mobile devices have changed the landscape of technology. And in the year 2014, mobile traffic will account for the majority of global web traffic for the first time. Not only that - there are more smartphones on the planet than human beings.

All studies are showing that the new mobile consumer has no patience for websites that are not functional in their smartphones and/or tablets. Brand abandonment for websites that are not based on responsive, mobile-compatible frameworks is registering at over 60% - that is, if a loyal web customer has a poor mobile web experience with your website, two out of three will abandon your web brand both in mobile and on their classic computers as well. The potential loss in sales and/or the impact of your website's message is staggering.

The good news is that a new website technology known as "Responsive" or "Scalable" frameworks take advantage of leading-edge HTML5 & CSS3 coding to allow your website to deliver seamless online experience - whatever mobile device or computer screen your potential customer is using to view your business information online. Mobile Brain can work with you to adjust and/or rebuild your web properties to Responsive coding - removing the roadblocks that most websites present to mobile consumers. Respond or Go Bust - that is the new website design mantra.

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