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SEP 2013

10% DISCOUNT - Winter 2013/2014 Project Coupon

By: Mobile Brain | Tags: 10% Off, Project Discount

The founders of Mobile Brain were clear from the start - our value proposition is to be a first-class consulting service at rock-bottom pricing. We already price our projects at a 30-50% discount to traditional market rates - and we include blazing fast hosting and in-house graphics as part of our project pricing.

Well, in addition to our pricing strategy - we are offering a 10% Project Discount during the winter months of 2014. Through March 31st, 2014 - simply tell your Mobile Brain consultant the discount code MB10-OFF and we will reduce the pricing of your project by 10%. Depending on the scope of your project - this can translate into a savings of $50 to $500.

As part of our "Very Happy Client Policy" - we want you to be simply blown away by both the quality of our work and the low cost of doing business with Mobile Brain.

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