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JAN 2014

Video: Why Reponsive Design Is Your Response to Mobile Challenge

By: Mobile Brain | Tags: Mobile Design, Video

The mobile revolution is the greatest opportunity & challenge for online business models - watch this three-minute video to understand why Responsive (or Scalable) Website Design is your intelligent response to the historic migration of consumers to mobile...

The main premise of this video is that adjusting your web properties to a Responsive framework is a mission-critical technology decision faced by the business community on a global basis. Over the last two decades, the business world has embraced the Internet as the backbone technology of both sales & marketing - as a result, virtually every operating business relies upon its website in a fundamental way. As the majority of consumer web traffic is mobile by the year 2014, websites that are on outdated, non-responsive frameworks will suffer severe loss of traffic and sales.

Our core promotional video makes a compelling case for having your websites reviewed today by a mobile-expert consulting organization. It is imperative to adjust your web assets to allow for seamless usage by the mobile web consumer - who in many cases is searching for your products within a mile or your store (or even inside the store). Let Mobile Brain conduct a 100% free review of your web properties today!

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