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OCT 2013

VIDEO: The Mobile Revolution & Selling Mobile Consumers

By: Mobile Brain | Tags: Mobile Consumer, Video

The migration of the Internet consumer to mobile devices has been nothing short of a revolution - altering the way we do business and operate in our technology lives. This short video makes the case that the one-two punch of technology change - that is social media and now mobile - have re-defined the media and social landscape we live in.

The statistics are staggering - the movement of the most attractive online consumers has been to the mobile device. In 2013/2014 - mobile traffic will exceed 'classic' internet traffic for the first time in history. Where does your company and your website stand in this revolution? Are you ready to work with Mobile Brain to convert your website into a first-class, mobile surfing experience?

We at Mobile Brain understood long ago that the future of the Internet will be mobile - that at some point in the near future - mobile commerce will dwarf PC-based commerce - and that many companies that react slowly will not participate in the future mobile economy. We stand ready to work with you to upgrade your web properties to 100% mobile-compatible status.

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Mobile Revolution

6 billion

...by 2014, the total # of mobile devices will exceed the number of people on earth.

Mobile Traffic Jam


Mobile traffic will increase 13-fold from 2012 to 2017: a growth rate of 66% per year.

Mobile Ad Boom


In 2012, mobile advertising revenues surged to $8.9 billion - up 83% from 2011.

Mobile Is Money


U.S. mobile commerce sales expands to $86.7 billion in 2016 - up from $13.6 billion in 2011.