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OCT 2013

VIDEO: Responsive Design Is Road To Mobile Opportunity

By: Mobile Brain | Tags: Responsive Design, Video

This one-minute video provides an excellent quick overview of Responsive Design - the revolutionary new website framework that scales to offer a seamless online experience for any connected device. In today's world - your web properties will be viewed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and large-screen monitors - does your website perform in all viewing environments?

Another term to understand Responsive Website Design is "scalability" - does your website re-scale image sizes and font graphics to accomodate mobile devices? Do your video or image galleries scale seamlessly in all sizes of smartphones and tablets? Without the ability to scale with the user's device - your website may suffer dramatic & irreversible traffic losses over the next few years.

In this video you can see why the online mobile consumer demands Responsive technology - let Mobile Brain rebuild your website and enjoy the fruit of the exploding online mobile marketplace.

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