Visual: Why Mobile?

The imperative to respond to the mobile revolution is displayed in a Info-Graphic - the time to respond is now by optimizing for mobile.

Video: Responsive!

Change means opportunity - view our video to see why the historic shift to mobile is one of your greatest business opportunities - or a minefield.

Mobile Consumers

Success requires smart responses to how consumers connect to your product - take advantage of the mobile shift with Responsive Design.

Cost of Indecision

Can I do nothing? Brand abandonment due to poor mobile experience is over 60% - respond to the challenge of mobile today.

The Planet Goes Mobile

The migration of the connected consumer from traditional PC's to mobile devices - know as the mobile revolution - is nearly complete. As the chart on the right shows, the year 2013 heralded in the era of mobile internet users exceeding 'traditional' desktop usage.

The impact of this historic shift to mobile is staggering to the web design space - now with users accessing websites from mobile devices of all sizes, in addition to larger screens.

CONCLUSION: What impact does the mobile revolution have on my online business? And, do I need to respond now?

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Your Mobile "Response"

The goal is simple - any business post-2013 requires a mobile response. That is, websites must perform seamlessly in all connected devices - from 4-inch smartphones to 4-foot computer monitors. So the question is - how does an online business upgrade its website properties to comply with the need for a scalable, flexible website technology?

The best answer for the majority of websites is RWD framework - or Responsive Website Design. A new technology built on HTML5 & CSS3 (the mobile standards) that powers & delivers your website information customized to the screen size & orientation of the user's screen. In this way, your business manages its online content through a single content portal that custom-packages your information to be responsive to any screen size.

CONCLUSION: With the majority of all consumer web users having migrated to mobile - how does my website rank in terms of mobile compatibility?

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To Be Responsive!

The advantages of Responsive Web Design to any online business cannot be under-estimated. But simply stated - an adjustment to responsive frameworks allow a business to embrace the massive & global online mobile economy with over literally billions of consumers. The emerging statistics on "m-commerce" (mobile commerce) show that the new mobile consumer is affluent, spends more on mobile than on PC's, and often will use mobile phones at the point-of-purchase (that is, in your store).

On the other hand, the risks of not adopting a responsive approach to your website properties can be summarized in two words - Brand Abandonment. Studies show that over 60% (and up to 80%) of new mobile consumers will permanently abandon a web brand as a result of a poor mobile surfing experience. 79% will "go elsewhere" - can you live on 21% of your current traffic and online sales?

CONCLUSION: Just as mobile is the future of all computing platforms - so Responsive Website Design is the future of how online content is delivered over the Internet. Websites that don't adopt mobile standards will suffer severe traffic and/or loss of customers.

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How Responsive Am I?

This is not rocket science - upgrading websites to work with mobile devices is simple logic - and perhaps business survival for online properties. Even Google has embraced Responsive Website Design implying that mobile-era "best practice" demands the use of responsive frameworks.

CONCLUSION: It is mission-critical to adopt Responsive Website Design on all online website properties - both in terms of retaining loyal web customers and retaining Google search rankings.

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    By 2014, the # of mobile devices will exceed the # of humans on earth - by 2017, an estimated 10 billion mobile-connected devices. Over 2.5 billion mobile consumers will buy digital goods by 2015.


    CISCO White Paper
    Feb. 6, 2013


    By 2014, online spending by mobile-connected consumers will exceed $50 billion - up nearly 500% in four years. By 2015, over 21% of all online commerce will be mobile consumers - up from 7% in 2011.


    Research Report


    Online advertisers follow the mobile gold rush - with mobile advertising up 83% in 2012 globally and up 110% in North America. It is estimated that mobile advertising will exceed $13 billion in 2013.


    Joint Study

Mobile Revolution

6 billion

...by 2014, the total # of mobile devices will exceed the number of people on earth.

Mobile Traffic Jam


Mobile traffic will increase 13-fold from 2012 to 2017: a growth rate of 66% per year.

Mobile Ad Boom


In 2012, mobile advertising revenues surged to $8.9 billion - up 83% from 2011.

Mobile Is Money


U.S. mobile commerce sales expands to $86.7 billion in 2016 - up from $13.6 billion in 2011.