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Over 6 Billion Mobile Devices

Today There Are More Mobile Devices than Humans On Earth

The online consumer is migrating to mobile devices at an astonishing pace with
over 50% of all emails read via mobile devices by yearend 2014. Tap into
an estimated $70 billion mobile economy by the year 2015 - let Mobile Brain
'mobilize' your website & build a targeted, mobile marketing campaign.


Leading-Edge Mobile Coding

HTML5 & CSS3 - The Foundations of Mobile-Compatibility

Times have changed - has your website evolved? New coding framework html5
combined with css3 provide mission-critical compatiblity with all mobile devices.
A Mobile Brain expert will conduct a 100% free website review.


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Google Study Shows New Mobile Consumers Go Mobile Only

Landmark study of the mobile market by Google has revealed 2 key facts: (1) the adoption of mobile devices is accelerating, global & commerce-focused; and (2) even established Internet brands are abandoned by most long-term users (67%) if their first mobile experience is not satisfactory. Why take the risk? ...review study slides

Mobile Brain Announces Winter Project Discount

Why not give your website and your business a gift that will reap rewards for years? For the winter months through March 31st, 2014 - we are offering a 10% discount on all mobile renovation or rebuild projects. Just tell your Mobile Brain consultant the discount code when booking your website project. ...get discount code

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...our company website was really not functional in iPhone & iPad devices and we were loosing traffic & product orders. Our Mobile Brain expert transformed our site to a mobile-compatible platform and created a really knockout design. Within one week - under budget and on schedule - we were open to mobile consumers & the iPad orders streamed in - thanks Mobile Brain! Big thumbs up...


Joy E. Silker,
Mobile Client


    By 2014, the # of mobile devices will exceed the # of humans on earth - by 2017, an estimated 10 billion mobile-connected devices. Over 2.5 billion mobile consumers will buy digital goods by 2015.


    CISCO White Paper
    Feb. 6, 2013


    By 2014, online spending by mobile-connected consumers will exceed $50 billion - up nearly 500% in four years. By 2015, over 21% of all online commerce will be mobile consumers - up from 7% in 2011.


    Research Report


    Online advertisers follow the mobile gold rush - with mobile advertising up 83% in 2012 globally and up 110% in North America. It is estimated that mobile advertising will exceed $13 billion in 2013.


    Joint Study

Mobile Revolution

6 billion

...by 2014, the total # of mobile devices will exceed the number of people on earth.

Mobile Traffic Jam


Mobile traffic will increase 13-fold from 2012 to 2017: a growth rate of 66% per year.

Mobile Ad Boom


In 2012, mobile advertising revenues surged to $8.9 billion - up 83% from 2011.

Mobile Is Money


U.S. mobile commerce sales expands to $86.7 billion in 2016 - up from $13.6 billion in 2011.