Mobile Brain Skill Set

Responsive/Mobile-Compatible Web Development 95%
E-Commerce/SEO/Email List Management 85%
Creative & Functional Design 90%
Social Media Campaigns 85%
Business Plans and Online Fundraising 97%
Graphics Design Packages 95%
Website Speed Optimization & Compression 98%
Blazing Fast & Reliable Hosting Programs 90%
Online Video Streaming 99%

11 Reasons To Choose Mobile Brain...

In mid-2012 - the founders of Mobile Brain realized that the global internet clientele would face a change of enormous magnitude - heralded in by the mobile revolution. It became clear that by 2015 - the majority of the online consumer market would have migrated to mobile-friendly devices (smartphones & tablets). And, that those companies that adjusted their web assets to comply with mobile standards would have a serious competitive advantage - and the ones that did not, would risk substantial losses of traffic.

Mobile Brain was created to work with companies seeking to revise or rebuild their web presence to benefit from the meteoric rise in mobile Internet traffic over the next several years.
Mobile Brain is a team of skill sets that allows us to sheperd a client's website project from concept all the way through launch and onward. We provide site concept services, design including in-house graphics, our own server & hosting packages, SEO/site launch functions, traffic generation & monetization plans, and content & site management on ongoing basis.

Our goal in providing a turnkey approach to client projects is to both minimize total project cost as well as compressing the time frame from concept to successful launch. Let Mobile Brain be your one-stop mobile-friendly, web development consultant.
One of the greatest opportunites & challenges of the future of Internet commerce is the mobile revolution. Statistics show consumers are spending big on the mobile devices - and the consumer market is going mobile fast. Yet, most e-commerce websites remain on pre-mobile era technology platforms - and have not adjusted to the new m-commerce market (m for mobile).

Studies show new online mobile consumers abandon brands that don't adjust their websites to allow for seamless and secure mobile shopping. Let Mobile Brain review the functionality of your e-commerce portal or shopping cart in the mobile space - the future of m-commerce is now!
The challenge of web design has been to balance design with functionality. The mobile revolution turns the concept of web design on its head - now developers must build websites that perform superbly in both devices with screens as small as 4" and equally as well on monitors of up to 50". The impact of mobile traffic on key web development decisions is massive.

Mobile Brain consultants live & breathe mobile design - the ability to design unique websites that perform on classic monitors as well as mobile devices of an array of screen footprints requires an expertise in the use of "responsive" web design & mobile companion templates.
When technology first came into the business world - the promise was it would drive prices down - as the costs of doing business would diminish (i.e. the need to have a physical office). That promise is true at Mobile Brain - we are not concerned with how much others charge - but rather what is a fair price for our services within the constraints of the client's budget.

Simply stated - we are a less expensive solution than any other comparable service - we build 100%-responsive, mobile-friendly and first-class websites at prices that are 30-50% less than the U.S. market. There is no greater client service than a fair price for an outstanding product.
Mobile Brain was formed to provide turnkey, cost-effective solutions for clients in the mobile era. Building websites that perform in mobile devices with small screen space & limited bandwidth requires crafting smart hosting solutions as well as utilizing graphic packages that are sharp yet efficient in file size.

Given the mission-critical nature of both hosting and graphics, as well as the inherent costs of these services, it was decided that Mobile Brain would bundle both as a part of its mobile web development business. The impact on client projects is both reduced build cost & time to market.
The first step is knowledge - who is the client? what are the primary goals for their online presence? what is the state of their current technology? can the current site be retrofited to work in mobile or is a total site rebuild recommended? We will have lots of questions for prospective clients - we are looking for to understand your online business.

Then - we go back to the drawing board - and we will draft a series of recommendations of varying efficacy and cost. We understand the concepts of budgeting and deadlines - and we will deliver an array of possibilities - from simple refurbishing of website features that are non-functional in mobile - to a 100% new mobile website build.
We are all about communication - before, during & after the building of your site - we will commit substantial time prior to the project proposal to understand your business needs. During the website build - we provide each client with a their own online collaboration portal where they can login to view updates on the build progress.

This unique online "collab" system can be accessed by your team that can provide critical feedback in their areas of expertise. We have found that constant "checking in" with the client keeps a website build on course & supports efficient allocation of development resources.
A decade may not sound like alot - but when you are talking about online video streaming - that is since day one. One of Mobile Brain's founders has been involved with managing video websites and streaming over 10,000 online videos since 2005. This expertise includes the critical aspects of producing videos that are both HD and streamable on all devices.

Online videos evolved into the advertising workhorses of the Internet over the last 5 years - we believe mobile video streaming will also be based on video ads. Let Mobile Brain re-code your videos to stream seamlessly on all mobile devices.
It is simple physics - to make a website load faster - you either need a faster connection or a lighter/smaller website. The consultants at Mobile Brain are gurus at making websites fly on all connected devices - the magic is file compression. We put your website project through a series of rigorous load tests - and we compress every large image or other website file.

Does this make a difference? In some cases, we can reduce the total load size of websites by 70% - which can reduce the load time of your site by 200-300%. Mobile users will not wait for websites to load - let us speed-boost yours today!
The founders of Mobile Brain are not technology people that are providing business solutions - rather we are business people that provide technology solutions. We know that the perfect solution a day late or over-budget is no service to the client - we work closely pre-project to produce a calendar of key dates - and we stick to them.

From the old school is our thinking - what the client needs and when they require it - drives our workload allocation. We all have decades of business experience before the Internet changed our lives - we are not kids - we come to your project with years of client project management experience - let's work together today!

Mobile Brain Happy Client Pledge

Mobile Brain makes you the "Happy Client Pledge" - that is, we want you to be happy about the price and features of our project proposals - happy about how you were communicated with during the project process - happy with the rapid response to your feedback - happy with the design and functions of your website - happy!

We want you to smile when you think about your website and be happy to refer us to your colleagues for which we happily pay handsome referral fees. We really like Southwest Airline's new motto - "...if it matters to you - it matters to us..."


    By 2014, the # of mobile devices will exceed the # of humans on earth - by 2017, an estimated 10 billion mobile-connected devices. Over 2.5 billion mobile consumers will buy digital goods by 2015.

    CISCO White Paper
    Feb. 6, 2013


    By 2014, online spending by mobile-connected consumers will exceed $50 billion - up nearly 500% in four years. By 2015, over 21% of all online commerce will be mobile consumers - up from 7% in 2011.

    Research Report


    Online advertisers follow the mobile gold rush - with mobile advertising up 83% in 2012 globally and up 110% in North America. It is estimated that mobile advertising will exceed $13 billion in 2013.

    Joint Study

Mobile Revolution

6 billion

...by 2014, the total # of mobile devices will exceed the number of people on earth.

Mobile Traffic Jam


Mobile traffic will increase 13-fold from 2012 to 2017: a growth rate of 66% per year.

Mobile Ad Boom


In 2012, mobile advertising revenues surged to $8.9 billion - up 83% from 2011.

Mobile Is Money


U.S. mobile commerce sales expands to $86.7 billion in 2016 - up from $13.6 billion in 2011.